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Encompass Managed Document Solutions with Toshiba

Managed by Masters

Being Managed by Masters means we don’t just provide solutions—we provide the services and support you need from start to finish and everywhere in between. And we’re here for support afterwards. For more than 10 years, our Encompass Managed Document Solutions team has been helping businesses reduce costs and improve productivity. We partner with companies like HP and Lexmark to bring you the best printing solutions. From short-term solutions to sustainable long-term improvements, we are here to help you print smarter, work secure, and improve your workflow all while saving your company up to 40%.

Print Smarter

Thanks to our team of masters, printing smarter has never been easier. We manage all your devices, how they’re printing, and even how often. We’ll get you printing more efficiently so you can save your money for more important things. And since we’re all about streamlining your environment and providing full support, we also offer service and support of products outside our e-STUDIO line, like HP and Lexmark.



Do more with less. With Toshiba’s PageSmart program, you only pay for what you use. Service, supplies, parts and labor are all rolled into one low, cost-per-page price. We will completely manage all of your printers—regardless of manufacturer. With print tracking and regular reporting, waste can be easily controlled, lowering your printing costs. And there’s no paying for supplies that sit on a shelf. Free up your cash flow so your IT department can focus on more critical issues, saving you time and money.

Print Less. Save More.


Cut your printing expenses by up to 40% with efficient, easy-to-implement solutions for businesses of all sizes. By partnering with companies like PaperCutMF, Pharos, Print Audit and Ringdale, we’ll help you print less and save more.

Manage Fleet


With our Global Services Portal, we will help you monitor and manage your printing and assets so you can take control of your fleet. A fully protected, user-friendly website, Toshiba’s Global Services Portal allows you to track device use so you can buy more efficiently. Easily order supplies and equipment, request services, and manage your fleet overall.



An exclusive Toshiba device feature, the e-BRIDGE CloudConnect tool works behind the scenes for you, managing your devices remotely by gathering information about your machine via the cloud. That means you can spend less time managing your devices and free up your resources with remote meter reads, firmware updates, and toner alerts to trigger automatic supplies deliveries. It’s easy to set up too, with no software installation required—simply install as a firmware update.

Work Secure

Want security you can see? Our trained and certified masters can help you protect your data and your business. We’ll analyze and assess security for your devices, access to those devices, and documents. Then, we’ll help you implement that plan so you can rest assured your business will be safe and secure.

Device Security


Device security is a top priority at Toshiba. Our security masters work hard to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of all your communications. From encryption of data to network and IP security, our masters are ready to secure your devices. When it’s time to replace a device, Toshiba’s security masters will ensure the hard drive is erased to keep what’s yours safe and secure.

Access Security


Let the right users in and keep the wrong ones out. Our masters have developed simple, yet highly effective methods of establishing access security that won’t inconvenience users. Allow administrators to control access at the device in the same way it’s controlled from the desktop. Enable department codes to get valuable data tracking and usage information, giving authorized users full functionality at the device. Set usage limitations or allow access with the swipe of a card. We’ll work with you to find the best access security features for your needs.

Document Security


Protect your work and your privacy with advanced features that ensure your documents end up in the right hands. Our masters can help you set up security policies that remain with documents as they travel inside and outside of your organization. Prevent the wrong person from picking up a print job or enable the ability to hold print jobs until the user is physically present. Protect scanned documents with password protection using SecurePDF. No matter how minor or major your privacy concerns, Toshiba’s experts will find the right solution for you.



Don’t leave critical data behind on your hard drive. When it’s time to replace a device, we will remove any and all data before it leaves the premises to keep your documents safe and secure.

Improve Workflow

Improve your workflow with Encompass Document Solutions. Our team of masters will help your organization perform more efficiently, work smarter, and maximize your existing technology investment.

With our workflow solutions to capture, file, share and store documents more efficiently, you can streamline and improve document intensive processes by effectively distributing information that is needed across your organization. Our collaboration solutions can help you create powerful print communication and electronic documents for cross-channel messaging while integrating with existing workflow processes.

Learn how we can also help you with document capture solutions, cloud/mobility and document tracking.


Document Capture


Convert paper documents to digital files easily. Our masters can help you organize with more efficient workflows. Our portfolio of capture software solutions allows you to intelligently scan and route documents to workflow processes, email, cloud storage and collaboration tools. Capture the contents of the documents into ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and EDM (Enterprise Document Management) solutions and into a broad array of business applications.



Our cloud/mobility solutions enable mobile users to access information anytime, from anywhere. Content can be created, accessed, shared and printed through cloud storage applications.

Utilize Toshiba MFPs to scan documents directly to your cloud based storage, allowing you to increase the accessibility of your information, improve group collaboration and allowing your team to print directly from a smartphone or tablet.

Document Output


We provide solutions for tracking, measuring and monitoring document output to print devices, as well as security-based solutions that prevent unauthorized access to output devices and documents.

You can monitor and control printing, copying, faxing and scanning, at the same time saving paper and reducing unnecessary printing and copying. Achieve your green initiatives and targets by reducing print volume and waste and at the same time you can invoke print policies and measure results.



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