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Toshiba e-STUDIO306LP/RD30

Environmentally sound, technologically advanced.

Introducing the new Toshiba e-STUDIO306LP, a revolutionary design in their award winning MFP line-up. It is the first MFP to incorporate a unique erasable toner enabling the output to be erased and re-used multiple times. By reducing paper consumption, you help reduce solid waste streams and air and water pollutants.

Small and medium size workgroups can now take advantage of everything Toshiba has to offer, while providing eco-friendly printing and protecting the environment. The e-STUDIO306LP incorporates a low heat fuser system adding to the environmental efficiency of the system. In addition, we’ve managed to include many features that are typically reserved for larger MFPs – like impressive warm up and first copy out times, color scanning, and print speeds of 30 pages per minute.

Toshiba printer, greener printing, eco-friendly printing

e-STUDIO RD30 Paper Reusing Device.

This is where all the magic happens. The e-STUDIO RD30 “de-colorizes” the output by applying a heat to the thermally sensitive toner causing the color to disappear. There is no waste toner collection, or removal of the toner, as it is simply erased. The e-STUDIORD30 does much more. Before applying the heat, it has the ability to scan the output to file via network or USB drive for archiving. The output is scanned again afterwards to ensure all content is erased. Reusable paper is returned to the upper of two paper collection bins, while the bottom bin is for paper that could not be fully erased, such as copies marked-up with pen or pencil, so this paper can be recycled conventionally.

Toshiba printer, greener printing, eco-friendly printing

Smarter, Safer and Greener.

With security and environmental concerns at an all-time high, as well as the need to manage the workflow more efficiently, we consider those features to be just as important as copy, print, scan, and fax.

The e-STUDIO 306LP utilizes a new Self Encrypting Drive (SED) technology with 256-bit AES Encryption and Automatic Data Invalidation (ADI) that renders the drive useless if removed and installed into another device. This technology is exclusive to Toshiba. For added security, you can also opt for an IPSec enabler. This encrypts data being sent to or from a device.

Toshiba printer, greener printing, eco-friendly printing

Green Matters!

From our zero-waste-to-landfill toner recycling to greener manufacturing, Toshiba is a recognized environmental leader. At Toshiba we’re investing in programs that help both our business and yours to better reduce, reuse and recycle.

Toshiba’s Encompass Assessment examines all output devices and determines your company’s current environmental impact. The data is delivered in a Green Report where we highlight easy solutions to support your environmental initiatives.

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