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Going Green with DDL



From helping you turn your used toner cartridges into useful items like park benches, to greener manufacturing, DDL’s Going Green Team have partnered with Toshiba, who is recognized as an environmental leader. While everyone is talking green, at Toshiba they’re investing in programs that help both our business and yours to better reduce, reuse and recycle. With a combination of the state of the art e-Studio 360 LP Toshiba printer and their EcoStyle programs the days of wasteful office printers are numbered.


Toshiba printer, office printers, greener printing

Toshiba EcoStyle


Toshiba takes a leading role in environmental responsibility by developing and participating in various programs that preserve natural resources and by encouraging other companies to do the same. To find out more about how DDL & Toshiba can help your business start Going Green, download the brochure below.


Toshiba printer, office printers, greener printing

Toshiba PrintGreener


Never has printing less been so easy. Printing costs are a large expenditure for many businesses. Add to that environmental concerns and you have the two driving forces behind Toshiba’s new print solutions. Choose from their latest money-saving, eco-friendly office printers in order to print smarter, safer, leaner.

Meaning Going Green will not only save you time but money too!


Toshiba printer, office printers, greener printing

Toshiba Close the Loop


DDL & Toshiba has partnered with Close the Loop, Inc., as part of our commitment to Going Green and to our customers.

Now Toshiba customers can recycle spent imaging supplies and turn a growing problem into an innovative greener printing solution.


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